Mitsubishi Digital Recorder in 42u rack

Mitsubishi Digital Recorder in 42u rack

Mitsubishi Digital Recorder in 42u rack

X-Vision Pro digital recorder showing multiscreen view

Playback from Digital Sprite of car sales forecourt

Playback from Digital Sprite of a food production line

Dedicated Micros DVIP digital recorder c/w alarms over IP

Rear connections of Visimetrics Octar

Digital Recording

Digital Recorders
Digital Recorders are a replacement for a Multiplexer and/or Time Lapse Video Recorder.
They are available in a dedicated or PC based unit and are typically supplied with single, four, eight, nine and sixteen camera inputs.
Due to the ever decreasing cost of PC peripherals, these units are now available with larger storage and more functions at price ranges to suit all businesses.

Why choose Digital Recording
  • No reduction in playback quality
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No multiplexer required
    Note: Single camera digital recorders can be used with an existing multiplexer to replace the VCR
  • Full and Multisreen viewing
  • Multiple user defined recording schedules
  • Alarm inputs available
  • In-built motion detection
  • Individual camera recording rates
  • Additional storage capacity if required
  • Fast search facility by date and time
    Note: Some units can search by selecting an area upon the image and searching for any changes
  • Choice of storage size for multiple days, weeks or months recording
  • Archive facility for incidents
  • Audit trail
  • Digital Watermarking for evidence
  • Access by LAN, WAN, PSTN, ISDN or Broadband
  • Multiple user password protection
  • User status passwords for menus and functions
  • PC viewing software
  • No changing of tapes, units overwrite the oldest recording
  • Remote viewing, reviewing and movement of cameras
  • Immediately print incidents from the hard drive
  • Burn incidents or images to CD rom (dependant upon system)