Sliding Barrier



Ornate Gate

Gates, Barriers & Turnstiles

  • Automated gates, barriers and turnstiles provide site protection by preventing unwanted access to the site.

  • These can be manually ‘push button’ operated, operated from access control systems, intercom systems, transmission systems, remote control systems and even key operated for access or egress.

  • Many types are available and they usually are custom made to your site specific requirements.

  • The gates, barriers and turnstiles can be painted or finished to match the aesthetics of the installation giving a secure and professional look to the entry points to the site.

  • Free exit loops for vehicle gates and barriers are an option which can automatically open the gate or barrier for the vehicle to leave.

  • Safety protection systems are all part of the installation to ensure that the gate or barrier does not close whilst a vehicle or person is entering or exiting the site.

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